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Here we are approaching a snap General Election intended to give Prime Minister May the opinion-poll-predicted landslide majority she needs for negotiating Brexit.

On becoming Prime Minister, Mrs May assured us several times that she would not take political advantage of her massive lead in the opinion polls but has. Now, she and her advisors have so cocked-up her election campaign that Labour's previously 'unelectable' Jeremy Corbyn is closing the gap sufficiently to allow the Scottish Nationalists to hold the balance of power. How on earth did we arrive in this unintended situation? 

Gordon Brown inherited the Labour leadership from Tony Blair but failed to win a majority at his first General Election. That let in a Conservative-Lib Dem coalition under David Cameron; a coalition that virtually wiped out the Lib Dems. Meanwhile, Gordon Brown's heir-apparent, David Milliband, was stabbed in the front by his brother, Ed, who became Labour's new leader; but Ed was a political wonk, lost his first General Eleciton and David Cameron was returned with an overall majority. Ed then resigned leaving Labour with a leadership crisis - it had no obvious leader - and so the 'you-cannot-be-serious-ultra-disloyal Labour maverick', Jeremy Corbyn, became a 'no-hoper' Labour leader. The Tories licked their chops.

David Cameron then called a Brexit referendum intended to shoot UKIP's fox and shut up his own euro-sceptic backbenchers, but the great British public had other ideas. They voted for Brexit; so Cameron had to resign as Prime Minister. The Tory pro-Brexit conspirators then stabbed each other in the back, front and sides leading to the anti-Brexit Theresa May unintentionally becoming Prime Minister and having to lead the Brexit charge.

Now, she has so mishandled her snap General Election that the 'unelectable' Corbyn now seems to be electable with the anti-Brexit Scottish Nationalists holding the balance of English power.

As Robert Burns famously remarked: 'The best laid schemes of mice and men, gang aft agley (to cock)'


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