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  1. Through my American publishers, I was interviewed about my book on US radio. The interview was live over Skype telephone and lasted an hour. Here is the link:

    The interviewer, Donna Seebo, was a most impressive lady who runs her own commercial radio station. I was being interviewed on a book programme called, 'Warriors for Peace'. I liked the title.

    Donna had clearly done her homework and read my book. Her questions were very well informed and penetrating but whe was clearly 'on my side' and was most complimentary about the role that I and my fellow submariners have and still are playing in the maintenance of peace.

    She ended the programme by reading a poem I wrote in honour of my fellow submariners. It was the first time I had ever heard this ot any other poem of mine being read by anyone and there it was going out internationally over US Radio. I was greatly moved by Donna's reading of it and by the power of my own verse (he said modestly). You can hear it at the end of the link above and it is in my book towards the end (page 258) but for convenience, here it is:


    In the bowels of a beast with a heart of steel,

    in Neptune’s black abyss,

    stand sixteen silent sentinels

    on watch o'er Britain's peace.

    And through the black abyssal deep, each day of every year,

    the Reaper ploughs the ocean,

    and sows his seeds of fear.


    In the bowels of the beast with the heart of steel

    where the nuclear cauldron boils,

    a hundred brave submariners

    attend their awesome toils.

    Whilst snug in quilted feather beds, full fifty million sleep,

    and spare no thought for those at sea,

    nor pray their souls will keep.