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  1. Tragically topical: my book, 'On Her Majesty's Nuclear Service', which is about to be published (Feb 2018) describes in some detail the multiple hazards faced by submariners without even going to war. When the Argentine Navy announced that their submarine, San Juan, was missing, my publishers (Casemate (UK)), a specialist military history publisher, asked me to write a 500 word article on what might have gone wrong. Here is the link to that article. (I've also posted a version of it in the Navy section).

    I have added some further information on the sinking in the Navy section of this wesbite.

  2. In the early autumn, I responded to an Imperial War Museum request, via the Submariners’ Association, for Cold War memorabilia, and so I contacted the Museum with the offer of some unique tape recordings of submarine concerts on patrol. Would you believe it, the curator who was seeking this stuff turned out to be the son of Petty Officer Medical Assistant ‘Doctor’ Proctor of my Revenge Port Crew.  As a result, I went down to the IWM to be interviewed and met up with the aforementioned Doctor Proctor - hadn’t seen him since 1978, only forty years ago! The upshot was that I was photographed, interviewed, classified, damn nearly mummified and filed in the National Archives. Yes, I am now a certified relic.

    Here is the link to the article in the Museum’s website.